Sunday, September 28, 2008

When the king is away, the mice will play

Well I'm not a mouse and the king (Sean) is still away! I had every intention of being productive early and having fun later. I thought maybe I will go over to my friends', or meet up with my dad for a drink (or two, or five lol). Instead, I slept in insanely late (read 1pm), but only because I was up talking and drinking with the neighbor until 6am! It absolutely amazes me how time can just fly by and how your body will not be tired. He stayed up and did stuff today. Not me! I had to sleep. Otherwise no one would want to be around me. Trust me on this!

I have decided that I'm not near as much fun as I used to be. Perhaps I am wrong about that. I am still fun. I just don't like to go out and have fun as much as I used to. I'm becoming more of a homebody. Not necessarily a bad thing. I prefer to come home and cook versus eating out. Though, sometimes not having to make myself something and cleaning up afterwards is nice! I did not cook anything today. In fact, right before I started this post I was eating provolone slices with spaghetti sauce (cheese wrapped around the sauce) and pickles. I'm not high (or pregnant)! I doubt anyone would even believe me, what with eating that kind of stuff. And please don't start to feel sympathetic for me. I do have food in the house. I could have made something. I just felt like eating saucy cheese wraps. Yes, I did just come up with a name for my creation. I plan on eating it again in the near future. Funny what I will eat when left by myself. I would never eat that if Sean was here. So in a very odd way, I suppose you could say that the mice are playing.

So here I am, at 2 am writing this. I am not tired. I will be tomorrow and Monday. I am now officially bored and want to do something. Gilmore Girls here I come! Oh and I have a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough and some apple spice cupcakes calling my name. Yummy! I hope my trainer doesn't know about this blog *blush*.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I jumped on board!!!

So I finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I know I said I didn't get it, but I decided I wanted one. I'm excited about this! I am still trying to figure all of this out, and I imagine I will be harassing my sister quite a bit for some much needed help. I'm actually IMing her right now, and I think she is in disbelief. Not that I blame her much. I did say I would *never* have a blog. Here is a snipet of our conversation....

Sarah: I have a blog
Lindsay: You do?
Sarah: yup
Sarah: just got it
Lindsay: Were you planning on telling me what it is, or were you just telling me so you could enjoy not telling me what it is?

So of course I made her wait while I typed all of this, so my FIRST reader could have something to read. Patience is a virtue my dear, dear sissy!!!