Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring Fever

Well, you may have noticed I changed my layout. I got tired of the dark and dreary. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready for warmer weather, birds chirping, sun shining, and flowers!!! I love flowers. I also love gardens.

This little "heat" wave that we have been having the past few days (for those of you not in Indiana, it has been in the mid to high 40s the past few days) is making me long for spring. I know this weather won't last. Winter weather will be back, and I'm sure with a vengence. But nonetheless, I am going stir-crazy for planting my garden and flowers. I already have a huge list of all of the stuff I need. I just wish I knew with some certainty, when we will be moving. It is not a question of if we will be moving...just when. I don't want to start my garden and flowers, only to move and not get to enjoy them or take them. That would be like leaving behind your animal.

Speaking of animals...two of my rabbits are driving me nuts! I want to separate them from Jackie Blue. She is a sweetheart. Janie and Roxy...well I don't have anything nice to say about them...except that their little "mohawks" are adorable in winter!!! *Sigh* I can't separate her from her "sisters"; though at times I think she would appreciate it. They gang up on her, bite her, etc. And she is WAY bigger than them. She is just a big teddy bear (err, bunny rabbit).

Well, I hope everyone likes the new layout. Let me know your thoughts. I love comments! I can't wait for spring.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that slip the mind...

Isn't it funny how sometimes things will slip your mind? Sometimes small, sometimes big. The small things; probably not that important. The big things; well that is a big deal. How does one forget a "big thing"? Well I don't personally know; unless it is something that is supposed to be a "surprise" or something.

You are probably wondering what I am talking about. Well this morning at 4am, I was rudely woken. Sean's cell phone was doing the "periodic" melody of a missed call, voice mail, or message. So I got up and went pee. I layed back down, and then his phone starts ringing. I made him wake up. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why anyone would call that early. Of course, I'm thinking emergency (or his sister was going into labor-though I don't think she would call him at that time about that). Turns out it was the neighbor, asking him about breakfast (this is what Sean told me). Sean got ready and said he was going to eat breakfast with Kerry (our neighbor). No biggie...I layed there wondering how anyone could hop out of a dead sleep and think about eating that early, but tried to go back to sleep none the less.

Well I couldn't sleep. So I hopped online. Sean came in about 20 minutes later and apologized for waking me up. I told him it was okay; I couldn't get back to sleep. Well a few minutes later I got hungry, so I asked him to pick me up some oj and a muffin. I'm a little fuzzy on what he said, but it was along the lines of ok. Well 10 minutes later, I couldn't wait, so I warmed up my car and drove to McDonalds. Yeah, real healthy, I know.

I got back and sent him a text message saying not to worry about the food, I had it taken care of. He sent me two messages. One saying he was going snowboarding. I told him to have fun. The other one was pretty vague; about our personalities clashing and getting along better. Okay, I'm not all that sure what he was talking about; other than my piss-poor attitude this morning. Sorry...I'm not a morning person. And that is a bit of an understatement...and so is that, but you get the point.

Well, I went back to sleep for a few hours. When I got up, I went outside to check on the rabbits. I noticed all of his vehicles were here, so I was wondering how he went snowboarding if he didn't drive anywhere. Thinking he may still be next door, and hadn't left, I went to check. Nope...not there. So I called my neighbor, Kerry. And this is for real what happenend next (not verbatim, but pretty close)...

Sarah: "Hey Kerry! I was wondering if Sean was with you? He said he was going snowboarding, but his cars are here."
Kerry: "Hey hon! Oh I dropped him off at the airport."
Me: "Huh?"
Kerry: "Yeah, he asked me yesterday if I could take him to the airport this morning b/c he had a flight around 5ish, and didn't think you would want to get up to take him. He said something about snowskiing."
Me: "Huh?" (I'm thinking this is some kind of joke, mind you-like he is right next to him or something)
Kerry: "Yeah, he said something about snowskiing in Utah. I dropped him off about 5 this morning."
Me: still in disbelief "Utah? He went snowboarding in Utah? He just told me he was going snowboarding."
Kerry: "Oh, he didn't tell you. [insert long, awkward silence here] I guess you are upset."
Me: "Umm...well when he said snowboarding (and he did tell me a week ago that he was probably going to go snowboarding, but I'm thinking of the place in Indiana where he always goes) it sounded kind of last-minute. That sounds...planned."
Kerry: "Well, I should say so. He has known for at least a day or two. He really didn't tell you he was going snowboarding in Utah?"
Me: "No."
Kerry: "Well, I give you permission to be upset. Call me later if you want."
Me: "Thanks Kerry."

So back to my original does one forget something that big? I'm sure Sean has a good explanation. In the meantime, I have been wondering if he told me and I forgot. No, I'm pretty sure all I heard was "going snowboarding". Nothing mentioned about a plane, Utah, etc. So I'm confused...and hurt. How can someone that you love and care about just fail to mention flying half-way across the country? To top it off, I found a list of dates on his desk, and I think he will be gone all week. At least, that is all I can deduce from his random list of dates. It also looks like he will be at BeaverCreek Feb. 28-March 5. He has yet to mention this either. So on top of him failing to mention that the snowboarding is in Utah (and it remains to be seen when he will return), but it also appears that he is on vacation this week and didn't mention that either (but he may not be-I apparently know NOTHING).

So I'm wondering what you would do? Part of me just wants to pack up stuff and just leave (at least come Friday). The other part wants to know why he didn't tell me, and talk to him about it. And this other little part of me just wants to bash his face in. Let's hope those two little parts (and I'm sure you know which ones) lose their "steam" so to speak. In the meantime, I'm confused and upset in Indiana...oh and trying not to jump to conclusions.