Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is so hard!

I never imagined that naming a child would be this excruciating. Thank the Lord I have time before she gets here and I am obliged to name her. At the rate we are going though, her name will end up being Baby Girl Parsons. Hmph! Great parents we are going to be.

In all seriousness, this is really difficult. I really love one particular name. That name happens to be really popular. Gee, thanks Lindsay, for pointing that out! Now I'm debating said name because I don't want my daughter in school with a ton of other kids with that name. My child is unique and that deserves an unique name. No, not like crazy unique. Just unique enough that she stands a good chance to be the only kid named that in school. I could just name her what I want to name her, and go by her middle name (which is yet to be picked either-just as difficult a task) but I don't want to do that. I think the name I like sounds really great with her last name.

Thank goodness we don't have to pick out a last name either. I'm glad that is set in stone! I would probably be in a mental institute if I had to pick out 3 names! So I guess the baby's name is still Baby Girl Parsons. Maybe we'll make some headway in the coming weeks. Or maybe I will. Sean has been no help so far. My sister has; she compiled me a huge list of names that fit my criteria (well kind of). Unfortunately, none of them strike me as "the name". And I'm very glad that I found out what we are having. At least this way we have a few months.

Any tips and advice would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're having a...

GIRL!!! Yes, that is right. Apparently, most everybody was wrong. While I was "hoping" for a boy, I had lately starting thinking my little one was a girl. My reasoning behind this is purely based on Murphy's Law. You see we had several boy names picked out, but no girl names. So there opens the name debate. I'm sure this will be a long process. Hopefully it won't be a knock-down, drag-out fight!

I'm sure you all want to see pics! Most of the pics I have are of my little girl's organs. While I care very much about said organs, I'm sure most of you don't care to see the 4 chambers of her heart. (If you do, please let me know and I'll post those) I do have several face shots, quite a few feet shots, and one adorable pic of her sucking her thumb! I got a lot of feet shots because it seems my little girl is shy and modest. Aww, I'm proud. One could also say she is stubborn. My ultrasound tech worked and worked to get her to show us the goods. It took about 15 minutes and alot of prodding. The baby kept moving her legs and feet in a way that still wouldn't allow us a peek. Then she moved her bum so we couldn't see. And finally when we thought we were in the clear and she had moved her feet and legs...she put her hands down to cover! So seeing as how she is obviously not wanting to show off her money shot, I will not be posting said pics! (However, if you really want to see I may rethink it).

So friends and Internet meet (yet to be named) Baby Girl Parsons!

Here she is covering her "goods"

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (and catching up)

I'm bad! I haven't updated in awhile. I mean to, but I ususally end up forgetting or get tired. Enough with the excuses! I will make my best effort to update more regularly. And by regularly, I mean more than once a month. Maybe I'll be able to committ to once a week!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! If you are planning on imbibing, be careful! But also, have one for me!!! Today is Sean's dad & stepmom's anniversary. I do have to say that if they didn't already have this day as their anniversary then Sean and I would have it!!! Today is also the day that I find out whether we are having a little boy or a little girl!!! I have a 3pm ultrasound scheduled...and it won't get here soon enough! My mom will be going with me. I hope Sean is able to go also, but he is working down south, so he may not make it in time :( Either way, I will find out :) I will have to swear my mother to secrecy and silence-this will be the biggest challenge of all. Even more so than me being secret and silent-and if you know me well you know how difficult that is! Of course, after Sean knows then everyone else can find out. It is only proper. So if you are all so very luck-and I do have to say that St. Patrick's Day is a very lucky day-then I may make 2 posts today!

Oh and I forgot to update awhile back that we didn't move to that farm house. But that is a post in and of itself, so check back!!!