Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If this were high school, I'd be expelled for my excessive absenteeism!

I'm back!!! I have finally procured a means to get online while at our new place. Which reminds me...I need to take pictures soon of our new place and show them to you. I had to end up going with a mobile connect card. It has its advantages and disadvantages. I will just say I am still not thrilled at the thought of a 2 year contract on it. *Sigh* I was desperate though. I can't work on my blog (among other websites I like to visit) at work, and how was I going to show everyone my baby girl once she arrived? Snail mail? Argh! The thought is revolting.

Okay, so as I promised in my last post a long time ago this will be picture overload!!! Yeah-how fun! :) First off...Bruno. He is about 5 1/2 months here. He is really just the sweetest puppy...and really well behaved (well most of the time).

Okay and now for my growing belly! I need to take a new picture for this week. In fact, I have all of my belly pics on my computer, but I need to figure out how far along I was in all of them. Doh! So to satisfy everyone, I will only post my latest belly pic. I was 29 weeks (and please forgive any blurriness of the picture or mess in the background). Without further ado...

There is a lot more I would like to write about, but I need to go interview two more pediatricians in just a bit. I will be posting more regularly (instead of once in a blue moon) now that I have internet with me at all times (assuming I have my computer with me). Things to look forward to: pictures of our garden! It is really taking off and thriving. I don't imagine we will have any actually produce until after baby girl gets here (we started the garden a little late). I can't wait for some watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes...yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Lindsay said...

You're not absent, you're just very, very late.

And, yeah, no snail mail. I can't receive pictures on my cell phone due to no internet, so pictures of the baby better be posted on here faster than you can spell her name out. In fact, make sure to bring your laptop with you when you go to the hospital. Add it in with your overnight bag.

smchurchie said...

Have you come up with any names yet? :)