Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby's Room...Part One

I am only going to include partial pictures of the baby's room. Which will mainly only be the bedding/crib. The whole room is not quite completed. Sean and I need to figure out the flooring situation in the room. See some renter before us was obviously raised by wolves (and wolves that smoked at that!). So we (or more accurately Sean) have spent time cleaning the walls/ceiling and then repainting. The floor is also pretty disgusting. I have mopped and mopped the floors and they still seem to be filthy! So needless to say, Sean and I are on the lookout for different flooring. We looked at Lowe's the other day and found a few area rugs that would work, but not necessarily match; and some carpet, but I thought that it would give my baby rug burn! are the pictures of the bedding (and what little bit you can see of the room). I will follow up with pictures of what I have done on my next post. To be honest, I have the pictures of the dressers (all full of tiny clothes!), but I don't have my camera with me. So, without further ado, may I introduce my baby's bedding and crib :)

Oh and I have to mention that when I was putting the mobile together Bruno kept barking at me. See he likes bears (or really any stuffed animal), so he figures it is for him when he sees one. I will have to post a picture of the bassinett in my next post as well, for there is a little pink teddy bear (thanks Kathy!!!) that is soooo soft. Bruno also sat and barked at that bear for a day or two!